The Parts

How to Build the Amazing Still The Components

All components (parts) must be food grade PP or PE plastic

30287_ugni One 25-30 liter (6-7 US gallons) food grade, non-colored, wine fermentation bucket with a cork and thermostat heater 30-45°C (86-113°F) or a 75-watt heater with "run dry"
protection that turns off at 45°C (113°F). Choose the right voltage if you import. If this set, which is commonly sold for wine fermentation, is not available, you must purchase the bucket, cork, and heater separately.
30286_lock You must have one extra lid for the bucket. This lid shall be cut to a 32cm (about 12.6 inches) round plate to make a second bottom inside the large bucket. If you can't find
the right size plastic, you can purchase a round glass piece with smoothened edges from a glass shop.
30289_hink_3_l One shallow bucket, approximately 6-11cm (about 2-4 inches) high, or cut down a deeper bucket to 11cm (4 inches) in height.
30288_hink_10_l One bucket 10-11 liters (about 2.6-3.0 US gallons) in volume, 22 to 24cm ( about 8.6-9.5 inches) in height.
jasror One fermentation water lock.
digitaltermometerOptional: we recommend a digital cooking thermometer that will monitor the mash temperature.