Build And Use

How to Build and Use the Amazing Plastic Still

All parts must be food grade PP or PE plastic.

bild-1 Wash all parts. All plastic can be washed by machine.
bild-2 Put the smaller bucket (the one with the wedges cut in it) upside down in the bottom of the large bucket.
Now place the false bottom on top of the smaller bucket.
bild-4 Place the 10-liter (2.6 gallons) bucket, with 8-9 (about 2 gallons) liter mash inside, on top of the second bottom inside the large 25-liter (6.604 gallons) bucket.
bild-5 Put the lid on the outer bucket and tighten it.
bild-6 Add fermentation lock.
bild-7 Add heater and tighten the cork. Connect to electricity. A digital thermometer with the sensor placed in the mash is highly recommended.

Temperature in mash shall be set to 45ÂșC - 50ÂșC (113ÂșF-122ÂșF).

bild-8b Wait some hours until you see the vaporization and condensation start.

Leave for 3-4 days, until you have 2-2.5 liters (about 2 œ quarts) + 40% alcohol or 3 liters (about 3 quarts) 35-40% alcohol. Or collect 2 - 2.5 liters (about 2 œ quarts) + 40% alcohol, start again and collect 1.5-2 liters (about 1 Ÿ quarts)
more for later redistillation.

bild-8a You can also run until you have 4 liters of alcohol, and later distill this one more time to get 50-55%.

Turn off the heater and let the mixture cool some hours before collecting the alcohol.


Purify the alcohol with activated carbon.


When the alcohol is ready to drink, we assume no more instructions will be neded:-)